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Frightening times, heroic times.  The world was at war once again.  They came from all over America, big cities, small towns, pig farms, to Washington D. C. to do the paper work of the war machine: the government girls.  They were young women away from home, taking jobs only men had filled before.  They served their country and changed the world for women.


My screenplay, GOVERNMENT GIRLS, is set during W.W.II in Washington DC, a city filled to the brim with women wearing padded shoulders and stocking seams drawn on the back of their legs, and men in crisp new khaki uniforms


Leaving the Iowa farm country, Mary and Marge arrive at Union Station in our nation's capital to work in a agency until recently the domain of men, the FBI.  In the bustle of bodies filling the station they run into Dotty, an African American woman with two things every man in the government wants: a typewriter and the skills to use it.


While the ware rages overseas, the battle of the sexes is fought in offices, nightclubs and the back seat of limousines, changing the lives of men and women forever.




            An odyssey with adventure, romance and comedy starts out at a TV studio in downtown Atlanta, Georgia and follows the lives of Jon Reddy and Tracy Hobson who are teamed together as the talk show hosts of WAKE-UP ATLANTA.  Though congenial on the air they are competitive and often outright antagonistic off-camera.  Their lives take on unexpected turn when Jon “wins” a lottery in Canada.  He decides to take Tracy and their friends Mary, producer of his show, and Buddy, a body building trainer and documentary maker, along to follow the trail the rules demand to pick up his winnings before time expires. 

            Though his friends believe it is all a scam and are going along for the free ride on Jon's charge card, Jon's boss, Merv Stanton thinks otherwise.  Afraid Jon, whom he needs under contract to make a big deal with the Japanese, will leave the station, Merv sends his son Waldo , in disguise, to follow Jon to Canada and thwart him.

            They face major challenges along the way.  At Niagara Falls their lives are endangered, in Quebec prostitutes and gangsters pursue them.  At the final destination to pick up the winnings Canadian Mounties come to the rescue in a shoot-out.

            Love and money conquer all, but not before a most unusual marriage proposal takes place.




When was the last time you saw a really spooky movie?

Mist-shrouds the village of Gull’s Bay on the coast of Maine.  The town conceals the truth about the gruesome slaying at Summerwind.  A neo-gothic estate with distorted angles and doors that swing shut by unseen hands, Summerwind is home to everything evil.

Jack Barlett is an eccentric horror-movie director determined to transform his nightmares onto celluloid at Summerwind.  The mournful howling of an unseen hound, the scent of honeysuckle, the strands of mist that begin to take human form: Jack walks a tightrope between insanity and rationality.

Jack seeks solace in Joey (Jolanda) Urbano, a heavy hitting attorney who has returned to her roots after a much-publicized legal fiasco.  A skeptic, Joey does not deny something mysterious is going on, only it origin.  While investigating a ghostly presence, they unravel the truth of their own past.

RESTLESS SPIRIT is a unique mystery-chillier with an eerie atmosphere that will send shivers up the spines of audiences of all ages.

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